New Foundation Licence holder call signs

Terry (Camborne) – M 6 L D W

Mark (Redruth) – M 6 M Y M

Graham (St Ives) -M 6 G T Z

I have spoken with Terry a few times already, heard Mark calling in after the news on Sunday
unfortunately on the repeater output (remember 600kc minus shify, 77hz ctcss, 145125 rx frequency for GB3NC)
Graham still not ‘tooled up with a radio I understand’

Welcome to the madness known as Amateur Radio!


Jamboree on the air October 2014 at 9 Ashes Camp

For the first time in a number of years we were operational using our Club call sign over the JOTA weekend providing radio facilities to the 300 or so assembled Scouts of Cornwall at 9 Ashes, Washaway, Bodmin on the Saturday and Sunday of the JOTA weekend.

Our contingent worked very hard for the two days with hardly a gap in proceedings although, we were allowed a lunch break on the Saturday. With operation on the 2m band on site to give them a taste of VHF operation and, a 40m station using the TS 570 and Ian’s van mounted mast with a 40m dipole we managed to get every single scout at least one greetings message contact on air.

We were thanked by the County Assistant Commissioner and he hoped we may be able to help again next year. Consensus of onion was certainly will!

We were offered a donation for Club funds but suggested it be diverted into the Scout charity fund to enable the less fortunate to attend a camp in the future and this will be done in our name.


Foundation Course September 2014

We had four candidates on the course which was run by Graham G3LAI our designated trainer.

Ages ranged from 14 to 65 this time, glad to see a youngster taking interest this time around.

The course was run over 4 Saturdays with the mock test and exam on the 5th.

Results: Graham – Passed, Mark – Passed, Terry – Passed, Russell – Passed

A 100% success rate for the course so well done to all the students and, to Graham G3LAI for drumming the required knowledge into the assembled turnips!!

Look forward to hearing you all on the bands in the near future.

Norman – G4USB    President of CRAC


Annual General Meeting – 2014

Here we go again, another 12 months passed us by and the AGM is just around the corner.

Members are reminded that motions to vary the constitution or rulkes of the Club need toi be sent to the Secretary at least 21 days prior to the AGM. Ken G0FIC is carrying out the duties of Secretary alongside the duties as Chairman and any requests need to be sent to him.

We are aware of at least one existing committee member will not be standing again this year so we will be looking to replace their position/s.

It has been a few years now since we had a Secretary and if you feel able to volunteer it would be appreciated. The main duties are taking minutes at the Committee meetings and general Club meetings and possibly writing the occasional letter as directed by the Committee.

See you all oin the 1st Thursday evening of April.

Norman G4USB





CRAC Rally 2013 – July 7th

Not sure what happened to the last 12 months but here we are again heading for the Cornish Amateur Radio Club Rally 2013.

Ken G0FIC has made tremendous efforts to get a good and varied trader attendance and all of your favourites are with us yet again. Over the years it has become very difficult to secure the attendance of our event by traders outside of the West Country. The emergence of 365 day internet trading and the cost of fuel being the major factors.

Coiln will again be providing refreshments from his catering van in the car park and we are looking forward to seeing the display promised by the Mid Cornwall Beacon & Repeater Group concentrating on their Amateur Television activities.

As in previous years there will be stalls nanned by RAFARS, RNARS, RSARS and we hope to have the RSGB bookstall in attendance, We also hope to have the local repeater groups and keepers with us to give everyone the chance to contribute to the ones regularly used by them.

The normal bring and buy facility will be available with check in via the side door before the rally opens to the public. There will be a non returnable administration fee of 50p an item to cover our efforts and stop numerous small low value items being put up for sale and taking large amounts of our staff’s time both when logging in and subsequently returning them to their owner if unsold.

We would ask everyone to respect our wishes and not attempt to access the bring and buy area before the event opens, traders included. We wish to give all of our visitors the same chance of finding their bargains and, not tie up manpower policing the area prior to the show.

We hope to see as many of you as possible on the day and look forward to meeting as many of you as possible. Its amazing how many of your regular contacts you have never met face to face even if they are within a few miles of home.

Entry fee remains held at just £2.00 even though the cost of hiring the School seems to rise each year.

Finally, please help our volunteer helpers by complying with their reasonable requests.


Is Intermediate now the largest section of Amateur Radio?

If the latest influx following our recent intermediate examination course is anything to go it certainly should be.

Graham G3LAI held the classes for us and ten participants booked to take the examination. The date had to be changed and unfortunately this resulted in one candidate being unable to make the exam as he was called away to a meeting in London for his work. Never mind Martin,next time around, unfortunate but unavoidable.

The remaining 9 candidates were all successful and there has been an epidemic of new 2E0 call signs in the West Cornwall area., Only one was able to keep their previous call suffix, luckily it was our Treve but even now he manages to get it wrong, just imagine if the letters had changed hi hi!

The new calls are:

Carol       2E0PCR

Brian       2E0JBW

Treve       2E0TCV

Shaun     2E0CUH

John        2E0CUI

Mike        2E0MDN

Jim          2E0JGW

John        2E0CUG

Paul         2E0ROL

Congratulations to one and all, speak to you soon.



The Annual General Meeting of the Cornish Radio amateur Club will take place at the Gweal An Top club venue on Thursday 4th April at 7.30pm.

Please come along and support YOUR Club, perhaps, by volunteering for a Committee post? Don’t just leave everything to someone else, jump in and do some organising, the more help we have the more fun we shall all have!

See you there

Thursday  4th April 2013, 7.30 pm, Gweal An Top, Redruth

Foundation Exam March 2013

On 26th March three candidates sat their Foundation examination and, 100% success rate was achieved.

Congratulations to Martin who scored a maximum on his paper, well done young man.

To Paul with success on the second attempt, well done Paul.

and finally to the stalwart of the group Malcolm. We told you not to give up Malcolm as we knew you were going to pass this time. Many would have thrown in the towel especially with missing by one but you dove into the book again and stuck with it. Bet you are really excdited now and straining at your leash to get onto the Amateur bands. Well done.

Happy New Year 2013

Wow, that went quickly, Christmas has managed to do its old trick of building up for ages and then ending, seemingly, before it started.

Hope you all had a really great time be it with your children, grandchildren, family or quietly at home with your own company.

All that remains is to wish all members, their families, friends and all visitors to the site a very Happy and Prosperous New Year for 2013. Let’s hope we don’t have too many severe weather incidents and send our best wishes to all who have been affected badly by the recent spate of flooding here in the UK and, of course, to all those folk on the Eastern Seaboard of the USA as they get themselves back to normality after the horror of hurricane Sandy a few weeks back.

We have no way of controlling our weather (good job too) but I believe we are all keeping our fingers firmly crossed for a somewhat more sunny, drier Spring/Summer in 2013, especially at the weekends! we don’t mind overnight rain as long as the days are warm and bright.